Mint and green chilli chutney

A delicious oil free condiment that compliments any dish! Tangy and spicy… and simple to make! Ingredients: 10 birdseye green chillies 2 small brown English onions (roughly chopped) 1 cups fresh mint leaves 50 ml malt vinegar 10 seedless grapes (peeled) 1 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt Recipe: Add all ingredients to a mini chopper and chop until the desired texture is achieved. Enjoy! Store in … Continue reading Mint and green chilli chutney

Skin-on oil free chips (fries)

We all love chips! But we know they are not good for us as they are fried… well here is a recipe that is totally oil free and delicious! Embrace the potato for all it’s nutrients… these taste very much like jacket potatoes but in chip form! Ingredients: This following is for two servings. 2 large potatoes (Kind Edward are great) Pink Himalayan salt to … Continue reading Skin-on oil free chips (fries)

Simple turmeric rice

This is a simple twist on cooking rice! Great with a bean curry (or any curry), and provides the amazing health benefits of turmeric! Ingredients: This following is for two servings. 1 glass of white long grain basmati rice (no need to wash) 2 glasses of fresh water 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric power Pink Himalayan salt to taste Recipe: Add all the ingredients to a small … Continue reading Simple turmeric rice