About me

Born and raised in West London, I’m a Management Consultant by trade with a passion for healthy living and eating well. Inspired by my parents who cook traditional ‘clean’ Punjabi food, cooking became a hobby of mine from a young age.

Towards the end of 2017, I became fully plant based. It is my belief (based on facts and real evidence) that being plant based is the healthiest way to live. In addition, we are doing good for our planet and setting up a great future for our generations to come.

My principles of cooking are simple – keep it clean and simple using whole foods. All my recipes are:

  • Oil-free
  • Made within 20 minutes or less
  • Plant based (dairy, meat and soy free)
  • Made from whole foods
  • Made with readily available ingredients

I’m always interested in hearing from others – whether it is talking about food, being plant based, or just random thoughts! So please feel free to contact me.